The Darts Shop Network - Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed below a number of frequently asked questions.Click on the question to reveal the answer. If however you can not find your answer here then please contact us.

1. What is the qualifying criteria in order for us to have a shop for free on our website?

If you are classed as one of the following you are eligible to have your own Dart Shop for Free!

  • Professional Player
  • County Organisation
  • Local League Organisation
  • Darts Forum
  • Sports Shop
  • Any other website with Darts Content* (subject to confirmation)

If this covers you please get in touch now - or if you think we should add another category - please let us know.

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2. What if I want a Dart Shop but do not meet the criteria?

If you do not meet our criteria - you can still have a Dart Shop. We do have a small set up fee and we can even host your site for you. Please take a moment to read the Prices link on the top banner.

3. How quickly can I be up and running with my Dart Shop?

We can have any site up and running very quickly - with most up and running within 48 hours. We do require a tiny bit of your time to fill out the necessary application form, and we will then assist you where necessary to get the images created. We then require you to upload a small file up to your website.
Then that's it - you'll be up and running!

4. How much work am I expected to do?

Once you are up and running - you really can do as much or as little as you want. The only real effort that we believe is required is for you to promote the shop to your visitors. Visitors to your website and Darts Shop will result in sales and therefore result in commissions.

5. Commissions - How much do we earn?

The commissions are set at 7.5% of each order placed from your Dart Shop. The 7.5% is from the product sales and do not include the VAT or Postage element.
For example
Customer buys a Dartsmate 3 Scorer for £99.99
(This is £83.33 plus VAT). You receive 7.5% of the £83.33 - which is £6.25

6. How can we see what commissions have been earned?

When we set up your Dart Shop - we will also provide you with your own Website Admin Account.
You can log in to your Admin Account whenever you like - and you will see all the orders that we have processed for you, along with a running total of the commissions that these have generated for you.

7. How do I request payment ?

Once your website has generated commissions to the value of £50 - you can click on the Request Payment button in your Website Admin Account - and our accounts department will transfer the payment direct into your requested bank account within 48 hours.

8. Delivery - How long does it take for my customers to receive their order?

All orders that are placed via your Dart Shop will processed and sent out within 24 hours.
We send most of our items via Royal Mail and larger items via Independent Couriers. Most items should be delivered within a couple of days.
Overseas orders can take longer - depending on where in the World your customers are. In general, overseas orders can take about 2-4 days for Europe and 5-10 days for the Rest of the World.

9. What happens if one of my customers has a problem with their order?

Any potential problems are dealt with by our highly experienced Customer Services department. Our department will easily identify that it is your customer and deal with any potential issues quickly, efficiently and ensure that your customer is completely satisfied.

10. I am a Professional Player - I am concerned about my sponsors. Can I still have a Dart Shop?

Yes of course. We have thought about this in great detail.
If you have a major sponsor who may be concerned about the products you are selling, particularly with other brands, then we have a perfect solution for you.
We can tailor your own Dart Shop just so that it only shows your sponsors brand.
For example. If you are a Unicorn Sponsored player - you can have your very own Unicorn Dart Shop on your website. If you would like to know more about this - please enquire today.

11. I am a Professional Player - Can I sell my own Merchandise in my Dart Shop?

We have good news - yes of course!
This will take a little bit more work for us as we will have to add them to our inventory - but we are able to add these to your site on your behalf and will happily discuss the logistics with you on a bespoke basis.